Welcome To Scented Home Fragrance First Post

Welcome To Scented Home Fragrance First Post

Scented Home Fragrance Blog

Welcome to Scented Home Fragrance blog!

Scented Home Fragrance blog is my baby for sharing information about me, essential oils, home fragrance, oil burners, home made remedies for a healthy body and home, post recipes for using essential oils and introducing new products.

Any mother know it's not easy birthing a new baby, atleast it wasn't easy for me.  I consider myself basically lazy when it comes to writing.  I conceive many ideas about what I want to share but struggle to put them in an understanable language.  Anyone one who is acquianted with me know that I am a "talker".   I'd rather telephone than write.  

I have been using essential oils for many years and in the beginning didn't know how powerful or healing essential oils could be.  This could be in part due to buying cheap imitations that called themselves essential oils only to find they were carrier oils with just enough essential oil to claim the name.

When my so-called essential oils didn't work, well I thought it was only for certain people because not everything worked on me.   Essential oils come from live flowers, herbs, tree roots and barks, leaves etc., and they have healing properties that you get when you massage them into your body, inhale through steam or nasal inhaler, or ingest through teas or capsuals, added to drinks or food.

Figured I would just have to live with my all allergies, sensitive skin, stiff joints, aches and pains.  (I've had arthritis since age fifteen (actually that's when I noticed I had squeaky knees and it was painful to do squats.  Gym classes were a nightmare.

My Great Revelation - Not all Essential Oils Are Equal

Through trial and error, I've found that not all essential oils are equal, if you buy the best quality, you will receive the rewards offered, cheap imitations will only bring you disappointment.  You get get results from real therapeutic essential oils.

There is an essential oil that will address any concern you may have as long as you use them responsibly and as directed.  

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) was my first experience with a pure therapeutic essential oil that really stopped my painful knees, stopped a sore throat, cleared my acne and stopped a painful skillet burn in it's track.

Did you know you can stop mold and mildew by adding four drops of tea tree essential oil and four drops of eucalyptus essential to sixteen (16) ounces of water in a spray bottle and sprayed in the shower.  It also gets rid of shower curtain scum.

Essential Oil Kit

Want a natural disinfectant?  Try three drops of tea tree essential oil and three drops of lemon essential oil to four ounces of water in a spray bottle to clean your kitchen counter tops, faucets and cabinet handles. 

This spray is also excellent for getting rid of smelly shoe odor.

Tea Tree oil uses are so numerous, I can't get them all in one post.  I invite you to share how you use this incredible oil.

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Caution:  Keep all essential oils away from children and pregnant women should consult their healthcare provider before using any essential oils.  Some essential oils can cause an obortion. 

Store essential oils away from light in a cool dark place.

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